Google AutoDraw – From Scribble to Artwork

“Is it a bird…no really, is it a bird?”

No Christmas ever seemed complete without the family coming together for a board game in an attempt to stay awake after too much food and drinks. Pictionary, a classic game suitable for all ages, requires the participants to draw objects, actions, celebrities and famous places that the other players must recognize in order to win. Inevitably, however, everything sketched ends up looking like some abstract scribbles drawn by a 3-year old, causing everyone to burst into laughter.

Recognizing that many of us have difficulties with drawing, Google’s latest online tool “AutoDraw” will be a boon for all those who want to create but have difficulties expressing themselves with pen and paper. Leveraging the immense power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Google has developed an electronic brain that can recognize most of our scribbles and doodles and turn them into professional-looking line drawings.

Imagine you are planning a garage sale, or want to create a simple invite to a kid’s party, simply open up the AutoDraw webpage and start drawing. After a few lines and a circle or two, the AI behind the tool starts to offer potential images that might match what you’re trying to draw. The outcome is a clean and tidy looking picture that you won’t be ashamed to print out and share. Simply add a little text and your picture is complete!

Now, of course, if you are a real artist and are handy with a brush, AutoDraw isn’t really for you. Provide too much detail in your drawings and the AI goes into overload with the tool finding hot dogs and windmills where there is a picture of Spider Man. But for the majority of us, getting started with this AI powered drawing tool will help us have a little more success in our creativity.


Varsha Shivam

Varsha Shivam

Varsha Shivam is Marketing Manager at Arago and currently responsible for event planning and social media activities. She joined the company in 2014 after graduating from the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz with a Master’s Degree in American Studies, English Linguistics and Business Administration. During her studies, she worked as a Marketing & Sales intern at IBM and Bosch Software Innovations in Singapore.

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